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The Mwamanga Village Development Trust (MVDT) exists to help improve the life chances of a poor rural community in Kenya.

Mwamanga is a small village situated not too far away from the beautiful beaches of the Mombasa coast in Kenya. When we first went to the village in 1999 we found a community living in desperate poverty. There was no adequate sanitation or safe drinking water, few of the 300 or so children attended school and no one had access to healthcare or had been vaccinated. Birth control was not used, the infant mortality rate was terrible and unemployment was 100%.  The charity began in 2001 but throughout the next few years, more projects were taken on and it became obvious that in order to increase the chances of raising more funds, it would be necessary to become a registered.

The trust was formally founded in 2004 when it received registered status and Mwamanga Village Development Trust was entered in the Central Register of Charities on 7th December 2004: Registered Number 1107161

We currently have three trustees:

Founding Trustee/Chairman – Mr Luke Whyte

Trustee/Secretary – Mr Michael Hammond

Trustee – Elaine Thirkettle

Luke Whyte - Founding Trustee

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