Mwamanga Village Development Trust

We provide drinking water, healthcare, primary and secondary education, live stock and grain for the villagers grow. As a result of our work child deaths in the village are a thing of the past and we recently had our first children graduate from high school. Perhaps even more importantly the population of the village is stable as a result of our comprehensive birth control program, which has been running since the outset. 

Having said this, there are still many whom we cannot afford to send to school, the well is in desperate need of repair and there is still much to do before the village can become self sufficient. This includes providing further education to the best performing students providing them with a real chance of finding employment and thus enabling them to support their full extended family, which is a solid tradition in Kenya. At this time we have never had the funds to provide any of the villagers with this life chance but we would very much like to do so. We cannot make this happen without your continued support...


What we can do with your kind donations:
•    £5 - Funds the cost of a mosquito net providing protection for a child against malaria.

•    £10 - Funds the cost of a hen, providing eggs for the villagers giving them protein which helps         to prevent TB.
•    £20 - Funds the cost of a goat, providing the villagers with milk which again helps to prevent           TB.
•    £40 - Funds the cost of water purifying chemicals making river water safe to drink guarding             against disease such as cholera whilst the well is out of action.
•    £50 - Funds the cost of a blood transfusion, often needed when a child become infected with           both TB and malaria at the same time. This has proven to be a life saver many times over.
•    £120 - Funds the cost of a child's primary education for an entire year.
•    £300 - Funds the cost of a child's secondary education for an entire year.
•    £500 - Would fund the costs of a best performing child's collaged education for an entire year. 
•    £700 - Would fund the cost of completely rebuilding the well.


*note, with the exception of collage/further education, MVDT regularly provides all of the above to the villagers and a whole lot more.

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