Mwamanga Village Development Trust

One off donation

Regular donation £5/month

Sponsor a child £10/month

You can make your donation in 3 easy ways:


On line
Using the buttons above

Set up a Standing Order/ Regular Payment with your bank

*To set up a standing order your bank will need the following details:

Bank - The Cooperative Bank

Account name: Mwamanga Village Development Trust Account number:


Sort code: 089299

By sending a cheque
made payable to ‘Mwamanga Village Development Trust’ to MVDT, c/o P.O.Box 48, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 6YQ


What we can do with your kind donations:
•    £5 - Funds the cost of a mosquito net providing protection for a child against malaria.

•    £10 - Funds the cost of a hen, providing eggs for the villagers giving them protein which helps to prevent TB.
•    £20 - Funds the cost of a goat, providing the villagers with milk which again helps to prevent TB.
•    £40 - Funds the cost of water purifying chemicals making river water safe to drink guarding against disease such as cholera whilst the             well is out of action.
•    £50 - Funds the cost of a blood transfusion, often needed when a child become infected with both TB and malaria at the same time. This       has proven to be a life saver many times over.
•    £120 - Funds the cost of a child's primary education for an entire year.
•    £300 - Funds the cost of a child's secondary education for an entire year.
•    £500 - Would fund the costs of a best performing child's collaged education for an entire year. 
•    £700 - Would fund the cost of completely rebuilding the well.

*Regular donations will ensure continuity and help us plan for the future.

Any queries or concerns?

Please call us on +44 (0) 7588 018423  or email us at:

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